Climate fixes ‘pose drought risk’

As usual, will the “cure” be worse than the “problem?”

From The BBC:

The use of geo-engineering to slow global warming may increase the risk of drought, according to a paper in Science journal.

Methods put forward include reflecting solar radiation back into space using giant mirrors or aerosol particles.

But the authors warn that such attempts to control the climate could also cause major changes in precipitation.

They want the effect on rainfall to be assessed before any action is taken.

Gabriele Hegerl of the Grant Institute at University of Edinburgh and Susan Solomon of National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) at Boulder, Colorado, write that “if geo-engineering studies focus too heavily on warming, critical risks associated with such possible “cures” will not be evaluated appropriately”.

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One Response

  1. A very informative article. I believe such measures would always go hand in hand with great risk. For all that we are faced with if 1) global warming is not a hoax and 2) we do nothing about it, I believe droughting a small to medium sized area is by far better than what could happen if we ever crossed the tipping point (see my blogpost @

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