White House fires back at health care ‘fictions’

Most of the articles I’ve read (mostly not from the MSM) that have been critical of the health care reform act have cited actual portions of the bill.The White House has set up a website to “debunk the lies,” similar to the one that was set up during the campaign which, among other things, “debunked” Obama’s Muslim background (see here). Of course, he has since come out and embraced his Muslim heritage (most likely for political reasons) so expect some similar flip-flops after health care gets rammed down our throats.

What I would like to see is for the White House to address the specific criticisms of the bill, line by line, in the same manner that the criticisms I’ve read are put forth (line by line, directly from the bill). The only way to do this would be to sidestep issues and obfuscate facts (or outright lie; keep in mind these are politicians we’re talking about).

On a related note, although the Dems keep saying that the Repubs haven’t offered anything as an alternative, I just found a House Resolution from Ron Paul that seeks to rewrite the IRS tax code in an attempt to let people keep more money for use on health care. It’s about 1/100 the size of the they’re trying to ram down our throats at only 12 pages long. I haven’t had time to read it, but I suspect that it’s better than what they’re trying to stick us with. However, it takes power from the government (or deprives the IRS of “income,” essentially the same thing) and at the same time, empowers the individual (it “requires” them to take an active part in making their health care choices instead of letting the all-knowing and compassionate state do it for them) so obviously, it doesn’t stand a chance. Read it here.

Report this article at flag@whitehouse.gov

From Raw Story:

WASHINGTON — President Barack Obama fought back Monday against “scare tactics” aimed at derailing his drive to remake US health care, unleashing a battle-tested strategy adapted from his 2008 White House run.

Obama unveiled a new Internet site, http://www.whitehouse.gov/RealityCheck, inspired by his campaign’s fightthesmears.com site, which countered rumors like the debunked but persistent claim that he was not born in the United States.

Read the rest:



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