UK may ban designer ’synthetic cannabis’

From Raw Story:

A legal blend of herbs sold as incense under the name “Spice” may soon be illegal in the United Kingdom, as it reportedly contains a designer variety of synthetic cannabinoids which creates an effect some users say is similar to a marijuana high.

The former head of the UK Forensic Science Service’s drugs intelligence unit, Les King, told a conference yesterday that just months ago, “it was found that a smoking mixture known as Spice was not the innocuous material it purported to be. The claimed constituents, namely various herbs, were a Trojan horse,” reported The Guardian.

The so-called Trojan horse — a blend of baybean, blue lotus, dwarf skullcap, Indian warrior, lions tail, maconha brava, marshmallow, pink lotus, red clover, rose, Siberian motherwort, vanilla and honey — actually delivers a dose of JWH-018, a synthetic cannabinoid with a stronger psychoactive effect than THC, the active compound in marijuana.

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