Duke University Classics Professor analyzes key points in House health care “reform” bill

This is what I can’t understand. People are reading the bill, analyzing it, criticizing it for what it says, and the Obamabots continue to deny any criticisms of the bill, saying anyone who does criticize it is either a right-wing extremist, racist, or part of an Astroturfing campaign (yes, I’m sure a few of those three groups are in there criticising the bill, but there are also a whole lot of regular people who are just fed up with the out-of-control government spending). Apparently the acolytes of Obama  feel that (like themselves), people can’t think for themselves and reach an opinion based on facts. Or maybe they just counted on people doing the same thing as our legislators; not reading the bill and just accepting what the White House tells us is in it.

Feel free to report this at flag@whitehouse.gov

From Flopping Aces:

John David Lewis, asks a series of questions about the House approved version of health care “reform.” He then analyzes the relevant sections and makes his conclusion. I’m posting his questions and yes or no answers but recommend you read his full analysis for the bill language and additional analsysis.

  1. Will the plan ration health care? – Yes.
  2. Will the plan punish Americans who try to opt out? – Yes.
  3. Will the plan destroy private health insurance? – Yes.
  4. Does the plan allow the government to set fees for services? – Yes.
  5. Will the plan increase the power of government officials to scrutinize our private affairs? – Yes.
  6. Does the plan automatically enroll Americans in the government plan? – Yes.
  7. Does the plan exempt federal officials from court review? – Yes.

If you are attending a Town Hall meeting with your congressman, you may wish to print out Prof. Lewis’s analysis and read a section or two to your congressman. Since most of them haven’t read the House bill it will be news to them.

Also, recall that Democrats rejected Republican amendments to the bill in Committee which would have barred illegal aliens from receiving benefits, bar abortion funding, protect senior care, reign in frivolous law suits or require members of congress to join the same plan.

Remember, Democrats are telling you that you don’t have the facts. What a laugh!

Read it here:



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