is Trying to Mobilize Activists to Attend Town Hall Meetings to Push for ‘Public Option’ Health Care

Apparently it’s only wrong if the right (or anyone opposed to the Obamessiah’s policies) mobilizes to attend these town hall meetings and criticize the plan. It’s entirely ok for “special interests” who are in favor of the policies to mobilize and attend the same meetings to get their message out.

From CNSNews:

( – While President Obama has focused attention on “special interests” that are mobilizing to try to defeat his health-care plan, the liberal group is trying to mobilize people to attend congressional town hall meetings to push for the plan, and especially to push for a government-run “public option” insurance program. is even suggesting brief statements people can make in favor of a “public option” health care plan if they attend a town hall, and gives people the opportunity to download signs indicating their approval of the “public option” that they can print and carry into the meetings.

Read the rest:


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