Man Carrying An Assault Rifle And Pistol Outside Obama Event

I fully understand that these people are just making a statement about our Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms. However, the MSM is using events such as this one to suggest that Obama’s life is in danger because of them. I doubt that any of these people are a threat to Obama, but still, I do wish that they would leave the hardware at home, as it just gives the media a way to marginalize them and paint them (and by association, their beliefs in things like the Constitution) as dangerous.

Judging from this picture, they’re going to have a hard time painting this guy as a right-wing racist, since he appears to be black. More here (with video).
From TPM:

(Late update: CNN now reports that there were two men carrying assault rifles, reportedly AR-15s, outside President Obama’s event in Phoenix.)

(Late late update: The Associated Press reports that there were about 12 people with guns outside the event.)

A man was seen carrying an assault rifle and a pistol outside the VFW Convention in Phoenix where President Obama spoke today, a local newspaper reports. (Click through for a photo.)

Local police said it’s legal under Arizona law, but two officers kept close by him.

“If we need to intervene, we will intervene at that time,” said Detective J. Oliver.

Read the rest:


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