Obama’s Pre-emptive Health Care Surrender

Matt Taibbi’s take on the latest health care news.

From True/Slant:

I was about to write a post today sort of apologizing in advance for the tone of my forthcoming article on the health care business. I was worried all weekend that I had been too negative and too harsh with regard to the Democrats. It had struck me that in the month and a half or so that I spent on health care I spoke with a great many staffers and members of congress who seemed genuinely committed to fixing health care — people like Bernie Sanders, Ron Wyden, Sherrod Brown, Lynn Woolsey, and numerous others in and around the House and Senate. I was suddenly feeling very guilty for ignoring (to a degree) their efforts and focusing instead in my piece on the treachery of the Democratic leadership — Pelosi, Reid, the White House — for bargaining away real health care reform before this process even started.

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