NBC’s Snyderman Redefines ‘Binge’ as Two Drinks

I know a lot of people who “have a problem” according to this definition. And you can expect things like this to continue, especially if government run health care comes into play; once the “nanny state” (or Big Brother) gets involved in your health care and is paying for it, they’ll get to call the shots (no pun intended) in matters of your health.

From Business & Media Institute:

NBC announced the “surprising” findings of a binge drinking study on Aug. 17, but NBC’s chief medical editor Nancy Snyderman used the opportunity to nanny anyone drinking two or more drinks at a time.

Snyderman mentioned the definition of binge drinking at the beginning of her segment (“having five or more drinks at one sitting”) before saying that the study found 23 percent of men and 9 percent of women between ages 50 and 64 bingeing in the past month.

But it didn’t take long for Snyderman to redefine the “dangerous” practice which is often accompanied by tobacco, “illicit drugs,” and can result in health problems including liver disease, stroke, high blood pressure and others.

Read the rest:



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