Obama’s drug czar blames hot weather for medical marijuana lie

I’m surprised they’re calling it a lie in the headline. I would have thought that they would have been a little more tactful and used something like “mis-statement,” or “mistake,” or “error” or something similar.

From Raw Story:

This could not have happened even a year ago.

Gil Kerlikowske, the United States Drug Czar, has backpedaled on his pronouncement that marijuana “is dangerous and has no medicinal benefit.”

His original statement was made to The Fresno Bee on July 22. But in a little-noticed interview with Komo 4 News in Washington earlier this month, Kerlikowske was given a second chance to address the question.

As pointed out by Jacob Sullum at Reason, the nation’s top official on drugs excused his statement by blaming the weather:

“We had been hiking in 107 degree weather in the Sierra Nevadas and when we came down … The question was in reference to smoked marijuana and as you know, smoked marijuana has not been shown by the FDA to have that, to show medicinal value. And that … This is a medical question and that’s where we’re gonna leave it.”

Read the rest:



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