Gibbs coddles Thomas, dodges question over Blackwater

Gibbs is an absolute weasel. Obama couldn’t have picked a worse person to essentially be his voice.

From Raw Story:

Veteran reporter Helen Thomas has license to say what no other reporter in the White House Press Corps can. Today, she exercised it.

“I want them to stop killing,” she abruptly told White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs.

The statement came after Gibbs dodged a question as to whether the Obama administration will continue contracting the mercenary group formerly known as Blackwater Worldwide.

The New York Times revealed recently that the CIA had contracted Blackwater assassins to hunt down and kill members of al Qaeda.

According to Nation magazine reporter Jeremy Scahill, “What this was, effectively, was a hit squad that responded to one branch of government, the executive branch, at the expense of any oversight or involvement of the other two. I would say that this was unconstitutional.”

“The epicenter of this scandal,” he said, “is that Dick Cheney is alleged to have ordered the CIA to conceal from the Congress, which has oversight authority, the existence of a secret CIA assassination plan. … Blackwater, we now know, served as a buffer between the executive branch of the government and accountability.”

Read the rest:


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