Indonesia police dismiss Obama plot report

From Raw Story:

JAKARTA — Indonesian police on Monday dismissed a media report saying that Islamist extremists were planning to assassinate US President Barack Obama when he visits the country.

National police chief Bambang Hendarso Danuri said analyst Dynno Chressbon, the Indonesian source quoted in the Western news agency’s report, had no right to make what he described as unsubstantiated comments.

He said police knew of no Islamist plot to assassinate Obama, who is expected to visit the mainly Muslim country later this year.

“As if there’s a bomb being prepared for the arrival of the US president — that has never existed. What observer is bold enough to say something like that?” Danuri told a news conference.

“I stress… there’s no such thing. The national police and our related agencies conduct research and evaluate such things. We don’t use any other ‘observers’ to uncover terrorist plots.

“Dynno Chressbon had no business (making such statements) — there’s no such thing,” said Danuri, who was briefing reporters on efforts to crack down Islamist extremism after deadly hotel blasts in Jakarta last month.

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