South Korea Launches Satellite

From The New York Times:

SEOUL, South Korea — South Korea launched a rocket into space from its own territory for the first time on Tuesday, but the mission failed to put a satellite into its intended orbit, a South Korean official said.

The launching of the rocket, which was built with the help of Russia, came one week after an initial attempt was called off because of a technical malfunction and four months after North Korea was widely denounced by the international community for launching a rocket of its own. The North had said it was putting a satellite aloft, but United States aerospace and military officials said they believed the North was actually testing long-range ballistic missile technology.

Office buildings in central Seoul echoed with cheers as the rocket, Korea Space Launch Vehicle-1, or Naro-1, blasted off from South Korea’s space center on the central south coast.

The failure to push the satellite into its intended orbit was announced by Ahn Myong-man, the minister of education, science and technology, at a news conference. Mr. Ahn gave no further details. But South Korean news outlets, citing unidentified sources, said the satellite broke away from the rocket about 22 miles farther from the Earth than had been intended.

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