US senators see climate bill delay

The headline is sort of misleading. The “delay” they forsee is less than a month, if they intend to introduce the legislation in late September. I wonder what type of other “news” will occur to distract us from this piece of crap? Another celebrity death in late September or early October?

From Raw Story:

President Barack Obama’s Democratic allies in the US Senate said Monday they were putting off introducing sweeping climate change legislation for a few weeks but hoped for a final vote in late 2009.

Senate Environment and Public Works Committee Chairwoman Barbara Boxer and Senate Foreign Relations Committee chairman John Kerry had hoped to unveil the bill shortly after lawmakers return next week following a month-long August break.

In a joint statement, Kerry and Boxer said their efforts to craft the legislation were “moving along well” but that they now hoped to “introduce our bill later in September.”

They cited the death of Senator Ted Kennedy, Kerry’s August hip replacement surgery, and the pitched political battle over Obama’s push to remake US health care as causes for the delay.

Democratic Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid “fully expects the Senate to have ample time to consider this comprehensive clean energy and climate legislation before the end of the year,” said his spokesman, Jim Manley.

The House of Representatives has passed its version of the bill in late June. If, as expected, the Senate passes a different version, the two chambers would have to thrash out a compromise before legislation can go to Obama to be signed into law.

Kerry has said he hopes that key Senate committees will have acted on the bill before global climate change talks in Copenhagen in December.


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