Diebold/Premier Election Systems is being purchased by Election Systems & Software (ES&S).

There will reportedly be a conference call among key people at the companies within the next couple hours.

ES&S attempted to consolidate the electronic voting industry in 1997 with a purchase of Business Records Corporation (BRC), but the purchase was blocked by the US Security and Exchange Commission on antitrust grounds, and the acquisition of BRC was split between ES&S and Sequoia Voting Systems.

An ES&S/Diebold-Premier acquisition would consolidate most U.S. voting systems under one privately held manufacturer.

Anti-Trust complaints are being prepared.

Press Release: ES&S Acquires Premier Election Solutions

Combined Company Will Provide Better Services to Customers and Voters

Omaha, NE — September 3, 2009 –Election Systems & Software, Inc. (ES&S), a provider of voting solutions, announced today that it has acquired Premier Election Solutions, Inc. (PES).

The acquisition combines the strengths of both organizations and will result in better products and services for all customers and voters alike.

“For more than 40 years, ES&S has recognized the incredible responsibility it has to voters and election administrators,” said Aldo Tesi, president and CEO of ES&S. “This acquisition is an opportunity to continue fulfilling our company’s core mission of maintaining voter confidence, and enhancing the voting experience. We are committed to meeting current and future needs for voting system solutions and services and providing better solutions to our customers.”

As the two experienced companies go forward, the combination will allow them to serve jurisdictions more effectively. By continuing to innovate and create new voting systems, software and services, the companies will be able to meet the evolving needs of our customers.

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