Swine flu fearmongering at its worst

I’m inclined to agree with this assessment. The last thing the government needs to do is piss off people by making vaccination mandatory. It is actually much easier to push the herd in the direction you want it to go by spreading Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt (FUD). There has been at least one drill where the National Guard protected a vaccine shipment from people who were demanding vaccines (here). Don’t force them to take it, make them want it so badly that they’ll fight with one another to actually take it. It’s so much easier and less messy that way. There will be isolated situations where it will be mandatory for some people (like health care workers), but I don’t expect it to be mandated nationally.

From Dissecting The New Age (with video):

The more I hear talk about mandatory swine flu vaccinations for the general public, the less I believe it will happen. I know that a couple months back I said it looks likely. I have since changed my mind. I believe the real agenda lies in instilling fear in people. At this point I believe there is more likelihood of somebody doing something stupid because of all the disinformation and sensationalism (crap) that’s being churned out by the talking heads in the “alternative” (and mainstream) media, much of which seems geared toward inciting unstable (or just ignorant) people.

So far today three people have sent me the below video on YouTube. It features what I consider to be some dubious people (shills, for lack of a better word) feeding into people’s fears about the swine flu. For one, I do not trust Joyce Riley at all, and secondly, this Evensen guy is nothing more than a bullshit artist at best and COINTELPRO at worst. He’s putting out the same sensationalized garbage that Jack McLamb did when he warned people about colored dots on mailboxes, which is utter nonsense and completely unsubstantiated. Well, go figure, this Evensen guy is an associate of McLamb (a long-time friend of Bo Gritz), further making anything he says immediately suspect.

In this video, Evensen talks about the “government’s plans” to issue RFID wristbands and set up checkpoints on all the major roadways, detaining anyone who hasn’t had their vaccination. Of course he won’t share his sources because he’s full of crap. He’s another one of these “my sources tell me” kind of people, much like bullshit artists such as Steve Quayle and Wayne Madsen, who you’re supposed to just trust on their word alone.

Read the rest:



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