Yes, let Big Brother ride along with your kids when they take the car for a spin.

From TeenSafeDriver.com:

The Teen Safe Driver Program helps parents identify risky driving and coach for improvement before dangerous behaviors lead to vehicle damage, personal injury or worse.

When parents are in the vehicle, teen drivers rarely crash. Take mom and dad out of the car and teens crash nine times more often than adults. Seatbelt use drops to less than 40% on average. The combination of inexperience and overconfidence leads to the death of thousands of teen drivers, their passengers and others on the roadways.

Do you think your teen won’t be the one who crashes? Research shows there is no way to predict which teens will crash and which will not – not grades, involvement in athletics, other extra-curricular activities or any other means.

The Teen Safe Driver Program uses a small device placed behind the rearview mirror of your teen’s vehicle. It captures the view out the front, and into the interior, of the vehicle but never saves any data UNLESS activated by an erratic vehicle movement – extreme braking, cornering, and acceleration or if there is a collision. When the device is activated, it saves an EVENT comprised of the previous ten seconds and the following ten seconds showing not only WHAT happened but WHY it happened.

The event is transferred wirelessly to DriveCam’s Event Analysis Center where the video is reviewed, scored and coaching tips are added. Parents and teens log in to a secure Web site to view the video and tips for safer driving. Teens are coached for improvement in problem areas, and also praised for good driving events.

In addition to the individual events captured, parents receive a weekly driver report card that shows their teen’s performance compared to their peers. With the report card, parents can take the proper action for the patterns of behaviors identified – praising their teen for safe driving or coaching them to improve specific problem areas.

Results are dramatic and immediate. On average, teens reduce the frequency and severity of high risk driving events by more than 70% in the first six weeks.  Driver seatbelt use improves from less than 40% to an unprecedented 100%–and passenger seatbelt rates increase dramatically, too.

Teen Safe Driver helps make the transition to a safer, more mature driver an enjoyable experience for both the young drivers and their parents.


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