Analyst blames ‘gravity’ for Obama’s ‘mainly bad press’ now

Where is all the bad press coming from? Nearly everything I read in the MSM is pro-Obama or at least trying to “explain” or “justify” everything he does.

From Raw Story:

By Kathleen Miller 

President Obama has received far more criticism than coddling from the mainstream media in recent months, with all of his administration’s major policies garnering more bad press than praise, a new study says.

The report, coordinated by the Center for Media and Public Affairs, says 57 percent of the coverage Obama received was negative after his first 100 days in office, compared to 59 percent positive coverage during his first 100 days as president. Researchers from Virginia’s George Mason Universities and California’s Chapman University conducted the study, which found the president has received “mainly bad press” recently.

“I think the primary reason is gravity,” Donald Rieck, executive director of the Center for Media and Public Affairs, told Raw Story. “The honeymoon eventually starts to fade with a new administration and gravity takes over. The contentiousness of the debate on health care has brought a greater degree of scrutiny then he was getting earlier.”

Obama’s policies have received the bulk of the criticism—the study says 57 percent of the coverage of his agenda since Inauguration Day has been negative. All other evaluations of Obama, such as articles about the president himself, have been 68 percent positive since he took office on January 20th.

Dan Amundson, CMPA research director, says that’s common for new presidents.

“It’s about making the transition from the rhetorical high point of campaigning to the nitty gritty of policy,” Amundson told Raw Story. “Inevitably that leads to things that don’t live up to expectations. Making that transition from the higher plane of a campaign to the nitty gritty every day stuff never goes smoothly for anybody.”

Every major policy initiative has received more criticism than accolades, according to the report.

The president’s economic stimulus plan fared the best, but received only 47% positive coverage. The war on terror fared the worst, with only 26% positive coverage. Other Obama policies faced tough scrutiny as well: coverage of the administration’s health care reform policies was 44% positive, general economic policy was 41% positive, the financial bailouts of various industries received 35% positive comments, policies on Israel and the Middle East were 30% positive, and Afghanistan policies got 29% positive evaluations.

Per Washington Post media critic Howard Kurtz: “In short, reporters have noticed that the candidate of hope has run smack into Washington reality.”

The study reviewed 2480 news stories about the Obama administration collected from ABC, CBS and NBC evening newscasts, the front page of the New York Times, and Time and Newsweek from January 20 through August 19.

Obama received the best coverage from the New York Times (61 percent positive), balanced covered at the broadcast networks (50 percent positive) and slightly negative (48 percent positive) in the news magazines.

The Fox News Channel’s “Special Report” is an outlier – only 23 percent positive compared to 77 percent negative evaluations of Obama per the center’s study.

Throughout the first eight months of his term, analysts say his coverage overall is still slightly more positive than negative, by 53 percent to 47 percent, compared to former President George W. Bush’s 64 percent negative coverage and 36 percent positive coverage between January 20 and September 10, 2001.


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