Companies in Danger of Bankruptcy: Report

The following should not be considered to be investment advice! Do with it what you will, but don’t blame me for any loses you might incur. That being said, if I personally had any stock in any of the following companies, I would look into this a lot more closely and try to make an informed decision.


NEW YORK (TheStreet) –Audit Integrity, an independent financial research and risk modeling firm, recently completed a study in which it identified the companies with the highest probability of declaring bankruptcy over the next 12 months. The chart follows below.

Top Companies In Danger of Bankruptcy
Companies Bankruptcy Probability (%)
Rite Aid 10.54
Sirius XM Radio 9.04
AMR Corporation 8.74
Federal-Mogul Corporation 8.64
Textron 7.09
Goodyear Tire & Rubber 6.85
Continental Airlines 6.59
CBS Corporation 6.22
Las Vegas Sands 5.91
Liberty Media 5.55
Advanced Micro Devices 4.81
Macy’s 4.65
Mylan 4.46
Apartment Investment Management 4.04
Hertz Global Holdings 3.99
Redwood Trust 3.96
Oshkosh 3.84
Amkor Technology 3.47
Interpublic Group 3.35
Sprint Nextel 3.27

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