Novartis chip to help ensure bitter pills are swallowed

Pills that send text messages to the patient to remind them to take their meds. Makes you wonder who else it might be texting? Your doctor? The government? Pick your favorite paranoid delusion.


By Andrew Jack in London

Published: September 21 2009 23:06 | Last updated: September 21 2009 23:06

Patients who fail to pop pills on time could soon benefit from having a chip on their shoulder, under a ground-breaking electronic system being developed by Novartis, the Swiss pharmaceuticals group.

The company is testing technology that inserts a tiny microchip into each pill swallowed and sends a reminder to patients by text message if they fail to follow their doctors’ prescriptions.

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  1. great now we can crap out mini rfid tags. wonder if we have to recycle them?

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