4 NJ police officers shot serving search warrant

I think it’s safe to say that if you break into someone’s house (which is what a no-knock warrant allows you to do) then you should assume you will be shot.

From WCCO.com:

Four Lakewood police officers have been shot executing a search warrant in New Jersey.

Deputy Chief Michael Mohel, who spoke with CBS station WCBS-TV Thursday morning, says members of the tactical unit were serving a no-knock narcotics and weapons warrant around 2:25 a.m. when suspect Jamie Gonzalez opened fire from the second floor.

Mohel says one officer was struck in the face upon entry, and another was shot in the foot. They’ve been taken to a hospital. Two other officers sustained minor injuries when they were shot in their bulletproof vests.

The officer shot in the face was airlifted to a hospital in Newark.

Mohel says Gonzalez was taken to a hospital with multiple gunshot wounds. He is in stable condtion, according to Mohel.

Police had planned to search the home in the town about 35 miles east of Trenton for narcotics and weapons, Mohel said.

The shooting comes more than two months after Jersey City police Det. Marc DiNardo was shot in the face storming an apartment where two armed robbery suspects were holed up. Four other officers were wounded in the gun battle and the suspects were killed.

DiNardo was taken off life support and pronounced dead one day before his 38th birthday.


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