Protesters fight police in Bloomfield; others demonstrate at G-20 dinner at Phipps

From (Pittsburg):

Demonstrators opposed to policies of the G-20 nations confronted police in sometimes violent clashes in several locations around the city today and tonight.

Pepper spray and smoke canisters were used to halt a march to Downtown by anarchists and others this afternoon in Lawrenceville, although some of the demonstrators regrouped and again faced off with police. One of those confrontations involved protesters throwing rocks at police and police firing rubber bullets at them near the landmark Ritter’s Diner on Baum Boulevard.

At least five people were arrested when another break-off group returned to the original march route and refused to disperse.

And tonight, around 6:45, police fired canisters of an unknown gas to try to break up a crowd of at least 500, many of them curious students, who had gathered in Schenley Plaza in Oakland, near Phipps Conservatory, where a G-20 dinner for heads of state was being held.

In that most recent case, dozens of state police in full riot gear stood at Schenley Drive while the crowd was warned four times to disperse.

Some in the crowd responded “Hell no,” while others started singing, “O Say Can You See.”


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  1. still high in the sky
    the stars sparkle, sun shimmies
    some day we’ll calm down…

    Thank You for your thorough post. Peace All.

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