APF Founder Has Criminal Background

It’s starting to sound like Michael Hilton has moved from conning individuals to conning entire towns.

From PuppetGov.com:


More questions Wednesday night in Hardin following revelations that American Police Force’s founder Michael Hilton owns an extensive criminal record.

It appears Hilton has been involved in several fraud cases and has even spent six years in a California prison.

According to the Associated Press, court documents show that Hilton has $1.1 million dollars worth of outstanding judgments against him. Records indicate Hilton has multiple aliases, and has twice declared bankruptcy.

Fraud cases include luring investors into a fake real estate development project, convincing a couple to give him a silver statue worth $100,000 dollars, and pocketing construction funds.

Hilton landed a six year prison term in 1993 for a dozen counts of grand theft among other charges.

A California doctor who said he was conned by Hilton said he was stunned to learn Hilton was planning a major venture in Montana.

sha101.ogg“I didn’t even sleep last night because of the memories that it conjured up, he’s the reason I had to go bankrupt. I lost my practice, I had some mental issues because of this. He was using up other people’s money, mainly mine, and other people, like a Ponzi scheme.”

Calls to new APF Spokewoman Becky Shay, Two Rivers Authority Vice President Al Peterson, and Hardin Mayor Ron Adams were not returned.


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