Shooting of Prominent Economist Baffles Police


BETHESDA, Md. – Police are still looking for clues after a prominent economist was shot in the garage of his upscale home.

Ashoka Mody has been identified in an email to his fellow employees at the International Monetary Fund as the man shot Thursday night around 7:30 in his Bethesda garage in the 6800 block of Millwood Road

Mody is currently the assistant director in the European department and an expert in economic development and international finance.

He is also known in his Kenwood Park community as a good neighbor, and those who live near him are stunned that he would be the target of a gunman.

Police say the 54-year-old remains in critical condition after he was shot in his garage Thursday night, before he even had a chance to get out of his vehicle.

Mody’s wife told police of a masked man in dark clothing

It is unclear if anything was taken during the attack and police say they don’t know whether it was a random or targeted crime.

After the shooting, the usually quiet Bethesda neighborhood was filled with police and detectives scouring the lawn as they continue their hunt for a gunman.

“This is worrisome,” said a neighbor.

“It had to be random,” said Julia Sullivan. “They are the nicest family. I don’t know why anyone would want to hurt them so it’s terrifying.”

Michael Sullivan added, “If it was random, it could have been me.”

Detectives are still working to determine a motive for the shooting and police have only a vague description of the masked gunman, who fled on foot.

“We know he was last seen fleeing from this community toward Goldsboro Road,” Baur said. “We expect he escaped from the area.”

Police say there is no evidence to suggest robbery was the motive behind the shooting, but the investigation remains in its infancy.
They are asking anyone with information to call 301-279-8000 or the Major Crimes Division at 240-773-5070.


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