VIDEO: Al Gore Gets Question About Errors In His Global Warming Movie, Has Questioner’s Mic Cut Off


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The director of the documentary Not Evil, Just Wrong showed up at a recent event where Al Gore actually took questions from journalists for a change (this is the first time he’s faced open questioning in four years) and asked Gore a tough one about a British court finding that his movie, An Inconvenient Truth, was factually flawed and motivated by politics.

So Gore, a daring truth-teller, answered the director’s questions with candor right?  Wrong.  He blustered and then had the guy’s microphone cut off.

By the way, Gore’s claim that the British courts ruled in favor of his documentary isn’t exactly accurate.  It was ultimately allowed to be shown, but only when accompanied with a take-home paper indicating to parents that the film is scientifically flawed and political in nature.  As John Hinderaker points out at Powerline:

Gore’s claim that the judge found in favor of his movie is ridiculous. The case was brought by a parent who objected to the film being shown to British schoolchildren on the ground that it is propaganda, not science. The judge found that An Inconvenient Truth “is a political film” that is riddled with scientific mistakes. He held that as such, it would be illegal for the government to require the film to be shown in schools unless it was accompanied by “guidance” pointing out that the film contains a number of scientific errors. The judge concluded that the claimant who objected to the film “substantially won this case by virtue of my finding that, but for the new guidance note, the film would have been distributed in breach of sections 406 and 407 of the 1996 Education Act.”

Despite the inaccuracies in the film, and despite Gore’s refusal to face critics of the film, he continues to be heralded as some sort of a prophet.  Why?  Because this isn’t about truth.  This is about justifying big and more powerful government while simultaneously making a select few very, very rich.


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  1. Global warming works in peculiar ways. Sometimes it gets colder because it’s getting warmer!

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