Czech senators prepare new move against Lisbon Treaty


PRAGUE, Oct. 12 (Xinhua) — A group of 17 Czech senators said Tuesday they had hired lawyers to beef up a legal challenge against the Lisbon Treaty at the Constitutional Court.

    The senators were demanding the court decide whether the whole treaty, instead of its specific clauses, is compatible with the constitution of the Czech Republic, local media reported.

    Senator Jiri Oberfalzer said the complaint would be filed between next Thursday and next Sunday.

    It may be the last but one hurdle to the ratification of the Lisbon Treaty, the last one being its signing by Czech President Vaclav Klaus.

    Tomas Langasek, general secretary of the Constitutional Court, said such a move would complicate the court’s decision-making process.

    “Anything new would mean complication,” Langasek said.

    The Lisbon Treaty was designed to modernize and strengthen the EU’s institutions and decision-making powers in line with its near-doubling in size since 2004.

    With Ireland and Poland recently ratifying the treaty, the Czech Republic is now left as the only hurdle to the required unanimous approval of the reform by EU member states.


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