Facebook – Coke Zero Facial Profiler

This makes me wonder why the FBI is scanning the DMV photo databases looking for matches for criminals when they could just do something like this and have the sheep voluntarily submit their photos?

From Cryptogon:

Cancer in a can and Twitbook. The zombies will love this.

Via: Wikipedia:

Facial Profiler is a social experiment [1] created and launched in 2009 by Coca-Cola Zero. Taking the form of a Facebook app, Coke Zero’s Facial Profiler uses facial recognition technology to search a database of Facebook users (who have opted in to participate) to find people who look alike. [2] Once matched, users have the option to contact their look-alike. [3] Coke Zero claims the inspiration for Facial Profiler came from the drink itself. Marketing its drink as having real Coke taste and zero calories, Coke Zero based the creation of Facial Profiler on a simple premise: “If Coke Zero has Coke taste, isn’t it possible that someone out there has your face?” [4]

To ensure accurate results, the Facial Profiler’s initial phase involves the creation of a face database. [5] Faces are gathered from photos that users have personally uploaded and tagged to Facebook, stored photos uploaded from user hard drives and webcam photos taken via the app itself. [6] Once the database has gathered a statistically significant number of faces from both genders, various age groups and multiple ethnicities – results will be released to the public and matches will be delivered. Users are then notified via Facebook. [7]

Research Credit: JB


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