Felony charge for teen who tossed Mexican “missile” at car as prank

FYI, a Mexican “missle” is a burrito.

From TheSmokingGun.com:

OCTOBER 14–A South Carolina teenager is facing a felony charge for throwing a “deadly missile” at a moving vehicle. The armament in question was a burrito. According to the below Hernando County Sheriff’s Office report, the 15-year-old suspect, a passenger in a Dodge, allegedly threw the burrito Saturday afternoon at John Addie’s Honda as the cars traveled alongside each other on a Florida street. Cops discovered burrito remnants inside and outside the vehicle, as well as on Addie, who was not injured when struck by the flying foodstuff (somehow, Addie’s Honda suffered a chipped windshield during the incident). After tracing the Dodge’s license plate, cops confronted the teenager, who admitted throwing the burrito as a “prank.” He claimed that no other object was thrown at the Honda, though cops concluded that there was evidence that “a hard object caused damage” to Addie’s car. The admitted burrito tosser, pictured in the above mug shot, was booked into jail and later released into his father’s custody. (3 pages)

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