Why Greece should declare its sovereignty, set up a new currency, and prepare for a better future outside the eurozone

From TheFluCase.com:

Rating agencies, including Moody, have said they plan to reduce Greece’s credit rating by several notches, thereby plunging the country into ever greater economic turmoil while generating even bigger profits for their friends in Goldman Sachs and other banks.

Given the prospect of economic and political annihilation in the eurozone, the people of Greece should declare their souvereignty, write a new constitution and establish a new currency – and jettison the entire euro and EU which is controlled by the banks for the banks and for those bank’s interests only.

The people of Europe need the euro and EU about as much as they need a hole in the head – or a shot of the toxic swine flu vaccine. The eurozone superstructure is about as conducive to economic health as having a vampire sink its teeth into a victim’s neck.

In fact, there is no euro crisis just as there was no killer swine flu virus crisis.

These are both artificial crisis generated by the corporate media to allow a small group to make immense profits at the expense of millions of people by manipulating legislation behind a smokescreen of panic.

The people of Greece have refused the toxic swine flu jabs – and they should now refuse the euro as well as the EU which have turned out to be a trap to destroy their economy, strip them of their political and civic rights and subjugate their country.

But it is not only Greece that should see in this crisis an opportunity.

Other countries in Europe should prepare to declare their souvereignty.

It is time for all the people in the EU to regain their political and economic freedom.

The eurozone has been designed from the beginning in such a way that a collapse of the entire bloc is inevitable, starting from the weaker economies in the south of Europe and ending up with Germany’s demise.

The next few months will see this crisis spread.

Greece is just the first in a row of dominoes. Spain is next, and when the whole eurozone is finally in ruins, the banksters will buy up the assets at knock down prices while their friends in government prepare to impose totalitarian rule on impoverished populations under the Lisbon Treaty.

The people of Greece do not need to ask permission to declare their souvereignty.

They do not need to march to declare their souvereignty, though marches organised by the unions or others could help.

They do not need to fight or enter conflicts.

It is not helpful, in my view, when the Deputy Prime Minister Theodoros Pangalos tells the BBC that Italy is also cooking the book and the brings up the (truly horrendous) Nazi occupation  – and so helps sabotage an effort by Germany and other countries to bail Greece out from the clutches of the EU and IMF, making you wonder whose side Pangalos is actually on.

All the Greek people need to do is organise, plan and act and declare they are souvereign again.

From the dawn of modern history, constitutions have been created by people exercising their free will.

It is a political fact that no government can continue without the agreement of the people. No amount of police can control a people who have decided to leave behind them a corrupt government – even if the police should wish to.

Declaring their souvereignty will not be enough, however, for the people of Greece.

They need to prepare to introduce a new currency – and make sure that currency is kept out of the hands of the banksters.

A new currency will avert a total collapse of their economy and provide the foundations for a sound recovering, for the construction of new industries and for the expansion of trade.

For 2,500 years or more, the economies in Greece functioned successfully in this way. New currencies have been created. Economies rebuilt. There is no reason why this should not happen again.

Any private debt obligations that the government of Greece may have taken upon itself in shady deals with Goldman Sachs bankers are distinct and separate from any obligations of the souvereign people of Greece, and there is no need for the people to pay one cent towards them. Preparations to arrest the bankers and government officials who have helped created this debt by fraud should be made if necessary.

EU officials and the corporate controlled media will tell the Greek people that disaster looms if they just leave the Eurozone and EU – but this is propaganda.

A predator also gets distressed if its prey walks out the door.

If the people of Greece decide to write a new constitution, that constitution will be the one that counts. That is a political fact.

The EU and all the other governments have no legitimacy if the people refuse to recognise them.

The EU and eurozone have brought only increased poverty and corruption. As a result of the latest machinations of the banks, the people face a new era of oppression of the kind usually experienced under occupation by a foreign power.

Today, the EU and banksters dictate to the budget to the people of Greece involving cuts everywhere for a people already struggling – and that even though the EU has obviously contrived the artificial debt crisis in the first place.

But this is just the start.

Greece, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Ireland, France, Austria, Germany…all are set to collapse.

One by one, the people of these countries should prepare to declare their sovereignty and write new constitutions because they will be next targets of the speculators and rating agencies. If they do not prepare now, they risk disaster.

Groups in Ireland are already informing people of how to exercise their political choice and take back their power.

Check out:


A new constitution laying out basic freedoms and a basic structure of government and involving a reduction in bureaucratic red tape will give room for people once more to develop their enterprise and trade, stiffled under the EU.

Ancient Athens shines as a beacon of democracy, but it is also a modern example in as far as it was a prosperous trading nation, partly because it gave rights and freedom to its citizens.

The new constitutions should abandon the two party, parliamentary system in my view and replace it by direct democracy of the kind that was practised so succeesfully in Ancient Greece and that is still practised successfully in Switzerland today.

The representative parliamentary system has proved to be far too easy to corrupt.

The judiciary and the press that are supposed to watch over members of parliament have instead become complicit in covering up the ongoing corporate manipulation of all aspects of legislation to enrich the banksters. Checks and balances no longer exist.

As in ancient Athens, and in Switzerland today, people should, in my view, debate practical solutions to practical problems – and not just go to vote once every four years for one of two or three parties all of which are controlled by the banksters.

The introduction of renewable energy or free energy systems should be a major step in creating a flourishing economies in Europe.

Introducing community-supported agriculture projects should help maintain the food supply during turmoil.

Europe has a great future if its people will let go of the idea they have no option except the EU and the euro.

The EU has no legitimacy left. The people of Europe whenever they were given a vote rejected the Lisbon Treaty/ and the Constitutional Treaty. The only country allowed to vote, Ireland, rejected the Lisbon Treaty by a significant majority on the first vote in 2008 and was bullied into voting again in 2009 with no real choice but a Yes.

The EU’s legitimacy is a fiction and it is time to puncture that balloon.

We are free people. We are free in the same way the people of Athens were free. We can make the same choices they did – to declare themselves souvereign and free and defend their freedom.

Our future is our hands.

To think we have no choice but a totalitarian government, poverty and more artificially created wars in the eurozone is an illusion created by the banksters and their controlled media.

We have the same freedom today as the people of Athens had to forge their destiny. The choice is ours.


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