Internet access is ‘a fundamental right’

It’s reached the point where apparently anything you can think of is ‘a fundamental right’ to somebody. Healthcare, education, housing, food, transportation, you name it, it’s a fundamental right. Apparently no one is concerned about paying for these fundamental rights or cares where the money comes from so long as the government takes care of it for them.

From the BBC:

Almost four in five people around the world believe that access to the internet is a fundamental right, a poll for the BBC World Service suggests.

The survey – of more than 27,000 adults across 26 countries – found strong support for net access on both sides of the digital divide.

Countries such as Finland and Estonia have already ruled that access is a human right for their citizens.

International bodies such as the UN are also pushing for universal net access.

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One Response

  1. Yes, that was a pretty insightful poll. It bothers me when people use the word ‘right.’

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