McLoud residents “hook up or pay up”

This is amazing. Pay for something you don’t use, or be fined? WTF!


MCLOUD, OK — Several residents in McLoud are upset after the city announced a $17 water bill for residents who use a well. According to City Manager Larry Dillon, the small fee will help pay for emergency services such as police officers and fire fighters. Because of an old city ordinance, rural residents with in 100-yards of a water line didn’t have to pay for those services; but because of a struggling economy, every dollar counts.

If local residents don’t want to pay the fee they’ll have to connect to the water line.

“I know nobody likes to pay extra bills, but it’s a reality of life and you have to pay your way because there is no free ride anywhere,” said Dillon.

If local residents don’t pay the $17 monthly charge or hook up to the water line, city officials will fine them of $20 per day.


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