A Few Oddities In The Crash Of The Polish President’s Plane

First off, thanks to George Ure’s site urbansurvival.com where I found the links provided by a reader of his. I had some questions when I found out that not just the Polish President but the head of the Polish military along with the governor of the central bank (here) were killed in the crash. Someone hit the trifecta on that one.

Anyway, there are some questions as to who was on the plane:

Two of the identified bodies were not on the list of passengers?

Among the identified victims of the presidential plane crash near Smolensk two were not on the list of passengers – lenta.ru portal informs, citing the Interfax news agency. Gave similar information portal newsru.com, citing a source in the Moscow headquarters, where he assisted the families of the victims of the disaster.  Russian Ministry for emergency situations said they killed 96 people, and not the 97th . According to the caller’s agent, on Tuesday evening 64 people were diagnosed, while two bodies have been identified, “conditionally”.  It is not known whether a further two people who were on board, but not included in the list of passengers or the crew or cabin crew.

Also, there is some discrepancy in the death toll between the two stories linked above.

There are a few other things, like apparently potential anti-EU candidates withdrawing their names from consideration when filling the vacant president’s office (here). I personally believe that there was nothing accidental about the accident which killed the president.


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