Obama’s 2010 Strategy: Demonize & Divide

This has always been the plan, but it’s really in-your-face with this particular administration.

From TalkingSides.com:

President Barack Obama’s mid-term election strategy is officially the same one that has been guiding his presidency: divide the American people into groups and pit those groups against each other. In a new video the Campaigner-in-Chief starts by playing the victim and ends with a plea for those who supported him in 2008 to make the same mistake again.

Just 13 seconds in come the words, “Despite the challenges we inherited” followed by claims that “great progress” has been made. Of course there is no mention of the fact that the majority of Americans do not believe what he has delivered is progress. As his job approval rating continues to drop and that of his rubber-stamp Congress is at the lowest level in recorded history, President Obama continues to sing his own praises without seeming to realize he is tone-deaf.

As the video continues, he switches to his familiar refrain of Wall Street versus Main Street. This has become Mr. Obama’s own personal code for his bastardized Robin Hood policies – over tax and over regulate those he calls rich, then give to the government and let government dole out what it thinks is best to who it thinks should get it. Unfortunately for him, even those who were naive enough to believe such policies were sustainable have figured out that his colossal ponzi scheme is not and that it is a major contributing factor to the 9.7% national unemployment rate.

The remainder of the video is a plea to get the first time voters who supported him in 2008 to repeat their mistake and vote for those who will keep pushing his liberal agenda. He continues his divisive strategy by calling on his supporters to make sure those “young people, African Americans, Latinos and women stand together once again.”

Unfortunately for President Obama and his cronies, many of those people are not as gullible as they were two years ago. As new polls show almost every day, they don’t seem to be falling for the same platitudes and catchy slogans again. This time around the change most want is to a government that will serve all the people – those who can create jobs and those who need jobs, those who have raised their families in a free America and those who want to do the same, those who believe it is our similarities that define us as Americans, not our differences. The demonizing and dividing act of this administration is not working anymore but because it is the only song this president knows, expect him to keep on singing no matter how off-key.


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