The 51st State; Coming to a Union Near You – AND SOON!

This is the first I’ve heard about this.


A 51st state?  That’s a huge deal!   We have not had a new state since August 21, 1959 when Hawaii joined this great Union of States.  That was a big deal with much fanfare and celebration as many in the nation applauded the growth and expansion of Americanism.  Yet, the Obama administration is set to vote on H.R.2499 next week with little utterance of what is going on.  It seems that something is amiss.  Rightfully so because something is.  What we do know about the Obama administration is that the practice of “WIFM” politics is on an unprecedented level.  This legislative measure is par for the course.

Three times in the past 43 years Puerto Rican voters have voted against becoming a state. This has enabled them to enjoy commonwealth benefits without the federal income taxes that go with it. It only goes to reason why they have elected so consistently to not become a state.

The problem with H.R. 2499 is not in the first “yes, no” vote to become a state, it is the legislative process following a “no” vote. The next vote would be to determine not only if Puerto Rico wishes to become a state, but in not becoming a state would require them to declare full independence and thus losing commonwealth status.  Political strong arming at its best.

The Puerto Rican economy is in shambles with a per capita income of less than half than that of the state of Mississippi. Translation; 30 billion dollars a year of taxpayer money to create and sustain Puerto Rican Statehood after their income taxes are implemented.

So why the secrecy? It is about what is in it for the Obama administration – 6 to 7 Liberal seats in the House and Senate! “Up yours Scott Brown! We have been losing in the polls and we have been losing elections. So, we are either going to buy a state for the Liberal seats with your money, or leave them out to dry on their own!”

“They would never do that!” Marion, a local business owner stated.

Sure they would. The Obama administration takes stooping to new lows to new heights.

Many will recall the recent GM (Government Motors) commercial announcing they paid back the bailout money with interest, some five years ahead of schedule. Well, that is not exactly what happened. “Government” is into GM to the tune of 49 billion dollars of tax payer money and own 72% of the company. GM paid back 6 billion dollars and used money given to them by the government from unused bailout surplus funds to do it. That’s right, they paid back less than 1/7th of taxpayer money WITH taxpayer money! To make it worse, they then turned around and requested 10 billion dollars in new loans. The administration will have you believe that the bailout worked and GM is solvent; though they have yet to pay a single tax payer penny back with company profits.

Integrity means nothing when you are conditioned to routinely lying to the people.

The “transparency” of the secrecy is based on the idea that if you fuel the fire over the battle between immigration reform and immigration enforcement, that will be all that people look at it.

Wrong Mr. President! We read EVERYTHING! More importantly, we read it more diligently when it is you that is telling us to read something else.
The bottom line on the creation of a 51st state is that it should be no secret and all Americans should be involved in the formal invitation to the development of a new member to the Union as we expand this great nation.

There will be debates about language. Less than 20% in Puerto Rico speak English. There will be debates about Liberalism due to the fact that Puerto Rico is far more Liberal than any current state in the Union. What we should be debating in this issue is the spread of Americanism through legal means. Leave it to the Obama administration to mar even the growth and expansion of America herself.

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